Our story

"The idea for EarlyBirdy came to me after a long and constant struggle with my sleeping habits. I would stay up late staring at my phone screen and when I do wake up, I would snooze for one too many times. The end result was debilitating. I wasn't being productive at work and I would feel like crap the whole day. As a future physician, I believe that EarlyBirdy encapsulates my life mission to help others realize their fullest potential, not just physically but also emotionally and mentally. Thank you for joining me in that mission and I wish you the best in your personal journey towards wellness."
King John Pascual, MAT | Founder and Inventor of EarlyBirdy
If you ask King what he is passionate about, he will more or less talk about three things: innovation, wellness, and the meaning of life. Originally from the Philippines, he and his parents moved to South Texas in 2003. He double majored in Human Biology and Ethnic Studies at Brown University. After college, King was selected to be a part of the Teach for America program in New York City where he taught high school science in the Bronx for two years. Before matriculating into medical school at The George Washington University School of Medicine, he would spend an additional two years helping pilot a stroke wellness startup and creating e-learning solutions for a billion dollar healthcare system.

"As a future physician, I believe that EarlyBirdy encapsulates my life mission to help others realize their fullest potential, not just physically but also emotionally and mentally."

King is a mindfulness evangelist, empathy advocate, and tech enthusiast. He writes about wellness and his work has been featured in The Washingtonian, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, KevinMD, and Business Insider. In his spare time, he likes to discover new jogging routes and ask Alexa to play today's top hits.



"Your sleep habits can have both short-term and long-term biological consequences. If you consistently practice poor sleep hygiene, you may be increasing your risk for a variety of conditions like heart disease and depression. Poor sleep hygiene can also creep into your personal and professional life.

What's unique about EarlyBirdy is that it takes into account the digital lifestyle that is actually hindering the quality of life of many students and working professionals. With its low-tech, non-invasive approach, EarlyBirdy takes you closer to reaching a healthier and more rejuvenated version of yourself."