The World's First Sleep Hygiene Trainer

Lock away your phone before going to bed

Stop snoozing and losing

No more scrolling in the evening. No more snoozing in the morning.

EarlyBirdy is an innovative, snooze-proof, patent-pending device that helps you develop healthy sleep habits.

Poor sleep hygiene increases your risk for anxiety, depression, and cardiovascular disease. EarlyBirdy trains you to get rid of common habits that lead to poor sleep hygiene.

Sleep faster

EarlyBirdy, stop snoozing, sleep faster
Wake up earlier, stop snoozing, be more productive in the morning

Start your day feeling refreshed and productive

The Science of Poor Sleep Hygiene

Your phone's blue light in the evening

Decreases your production of melatonin

Making falling asleep more difficult

*   *   *

Snoozing in the morning

Disrupts your REM cycle

Causing you to feel groggy

How does EarlyBirdy work?

Step 1 

Set up your alarm like you usually do on your smart phone.

Step 2

Place your phone inside the EarlyBirdy box, making sure your charger is inserted in one of the holes.

Step 3

After locking the box, place your key stand somewhere outside of your room. Popular places include the kitchen next to the coffee machine or the bathroom, next to your toothbrush.

Step 4

When the alarm goes off in the morning, gently unplug the charger.

Step 5

Walk over to where you placed the key stand and unlock the box to turn off your alarm.

Designed with you in mind

Your personal journey can change lives.

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Watch the video below and find out what makes EarlyBirdy different from other alarm apps and devices