Why do I need to bring the box with me to where I placed the key stand and not just bring the key stand back to my room?

If you bring the key stand back to your room and unlock the box inside your room, you may be tempted to go right back to bed. Leaving your room to unlock the box removes that temptation.

Where should I place the key stand?

It depends on how you want to start off your day. Some people like to place it next to their coffee machines. Others like to put it next to their toothbrush. You can experiment with different locations to see if one is more effective.

What if someone calls me in the middle of the night and it's an emergency?

The transparent window allows you to briefly look at who is calling or texting you. Let's say that someone is calling you at 2AM in the morning and you see that it's a family member through the transparent window. In that case, you can address the call if you feel like it's unusual or suspicious for them to be calling at that hour.

Is my wireless charger compatible with EarlyBirdy?

Yes. Most wireless chargers can fit inside the EarlyBirdy box. Just make sure the cord is inserted through one of the holes and that you double check if your phone is charging before locking the box.

What happens if I lose my key?

The package comes with two keys. We suggest that you place the backup key somewhere outside of your room where you know you won't forget it in case you misplaced the first one.

How long do I need to use it for before I can see an impact on my sleep habits?

Great question! It varies from person to person. Some users report changes in their sleep habits as early as the second day. Others have taken upwards of seven days before noticing any changes in their sleep habits. With consistent usage, you will start seeing and feeling the difference!